Experience Holistic

complementry therapies



Try a new approach to everyday stresses and conditions. From Insomnia to weight loss and headaches to depression experience a Holistic therapy that suits YOU.



I offer Acupressure which is ideal for clients who have a fear of needles. Reflexology is zone therapy on the feet and hands suitable for all ages including babies and children. Auriculotherapy is also provided which is Acupressure of the ear. I also use Colour therapy and essential oils to compliment your overall treatment.

What do you need?


Zone Therapy of the feet and hands.

Treating tension and illness.




Alternative therapy where pressure is

used to stimulate points along the

bodies meridians. Ideal for clients who fear needles.


A therapy using points on the external ear to treat pain and illness.



Komani House, 27 Malting Lane, Donington. PE11 4XA

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